New Jpop is a genre of pop music that arranges Japanese lyrics with elements of Western electro-pop and other genres. It incorporates various influences from Western R&B, urban music, jazz, classical and EDM, while also blending with Japanese music.

Producer Rufus Lin utilizes his extensive experience in business and music production in Japan to create unique music. Despite English being his native language, Rufus creates love songs in Japanese and English that are not only beautiful and emotional but also filled with gentleness within their poetic lyrics. These songs resonate deeply with listeners and leave a lasting impact on their hearts.



  • 突然のこと
    突然のこと Rufus Lin and Kaede
  • 誰もいない
    誰もいない Rufus Lin
  • 君が消えない
    君が消えない Rufus Lin and Kaede
  • 流木
    流木 Rufus Lin
  • 遠距離の関係
    遠距離の関係 Kimmy and Rufus Lin
  • 星の励み
    星の励み Rufus Lin
  • それでもいいのかな
    それでもいいのかな Rufus Lin