Rufus Lin Productions

Indelible musical memories created here

Rufus Lin Productions

Indelible musical memories created here

We create life-altering music


Our business

production/distribution of music recordings, composition/arrangement, artist development/management.


We produce music albums and concerts featuring talented artists, especially those active in Japan and Korea. The music is distributed in Japan as physical CDs, and on streaming platforms worldwide, such as Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify. Most of the music has been composed by Canadian classical composer, jazz concert/recording artist and music producer, Rufus Lin.

Based in Vancouver, Canada and Tokyo, Japan.

Parallel Mission

To do the reverse, i.e. introduce independent artists in the English-speaking world to the Japanese market, through Japanese-language pop music.

Take your mind and heart to sonic spaces they will always remember.

Listening is the first step, isn’t it? You start with music you have discovered, then delve into that genre. Somewhere along the way, you try out new genres.

And eventually, you have heard enough to put together a playlist or two of songs you really like. Songs that have had an impact on your life. Songs that you will always remember.

We want to be on your playlist. We want you to hear our songs and allow them to have an impact on your life. We want you to be humming our tunes, well into your 70s, 80s and beyond.

Because of our presence in both Canada and Japan, we are uniquely positioned to release music from artists in both North America and Japan, with songs written in either English or Japanese. We hope you will enjoy and support our music!

our Labels

our labels

Asian girl with a guitar


Pop music with Japanese lyrics. The concept is unique: Non-Japanese artists producing J-POP music, with an electro pop feel. Welcome to our newly imagined music genre–the New JPOP. As pioneers in this new genre, we know how hard it is to speak the Japanese language fluently, let alone break...


New takes on jazz standards, as well as original material, from artists active in Tokyo, Japan Have you ever noticed that some singers, after a distinguished career, will indulge themselves by releasing an album of jazz standards. Linda Ronstadt did it. So did Rod Stewart and Sting and Willie...


Electro-pop in English by Japan-based artists. Get away! Get away from that dotted white line in the middle of the road! Our songs have an edge to them, brought about by the marriage of electronica tracks with contemporary pop styling, and they feature new Japanese artists singing in English,...


Distinctly Odd Records is an eccentric classical music recording label established by Canadian composer Rufus Lin.The aim is to record and distribute fresh interpretations of a wide range of classical music by Japanese and Korean musicians still relatively unknown in the English speaking world.The artists are...


Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) and Post-Club Chill. Beat Red Records is a new independent label, producing intelligent dance music and post-club chill out tracks. This is music you can dance to, or just listen to as you work out, run or sit quietly in a chair, reading. Based in...