Pop music with Japanese lyrics The concept is unique: Japanese lyrics is in fresh pop with an electronic dance music (EDM) flavor. Welcome to our newly imagined music genre–the New JPOP.As creators in this new genre, we have worked hard to identify independent artists working in Japan who have the potential to make the leap to the international music scene. We have written or rearranged their songs to fit our concept, and going forward, we will continue to promote our unique blend of Japanese and EDM.

Latest Release: An App For That (single)
Description: Light and bubbly, like its petite Japanese singer, this song talks about the importance of communication and maintaining one’s identity amid the myriad apps and social networks today. The Japanese lyrics in the chorus mention smartphones, apps, SNS (social network systems, a widely-used Japanese term for social media), games and photo editing as elements of the current digital universe in which we live.