Electro-pop in English by Japan-based artists.

Get away! Get away from that dotted white line in the middle of the road!

Our songs have an edge to them, brought about by the marriage of electronica tracks with contemporary pop styling, and they feature new Japanese artists singing in English, either alone or in collaboration with Western artists active in Japan.

We work hard to identify independent Japanese artists that have the potential to make the leap to the English-language music world. We have written new songs for them, or rearranged their songs to suit the Western audience better. Our arrangements incorporate electronica, with memorable melodies and catchy hooks.

The result is: A fresh burst of Western-style pop music in English, by artists from the Japanese indie scene, written and produced for music listeners in English-speaking countries.


Released Songs


Last Christmas

Analyn Almerino



Analyn Almerino


Make It Up

Analyn Almerino