About Rufus Lin

Rufus Lin is a Canadian artist who lives in Vancouver. He is active in Vancouver and Tokyo, switching between the roles of jazz singer, painter, digital artist, and author.

As a jazz singer, he performs in Tokyo with the “Rufus Lin Jazz Trio”. He has released several albums, which are available from the iTunes store. He also owns the Rufus Lin Gallery in Vancouver, which specializes in Japanese contemporary art, in addition to producing his own acrylic paintings and digital art.

As an author, Rufus Lin acknowledges the work of Nobel prizewinner Kawabata Yasunari and Richard Brautigan as major influences. His English novel “Trout Rising Again” was published a few years ago, and the present bilingual English-Japanese short story collection is his latest literary endeavor.

Rufus Lin’s main focus these days is on his artistic activities, drawing from his experiences as businessman, academic, newspaper journalist, television interviewer, software developer, and patent translator.